Home improvement complaints and scams:

Choosing the right Electrician Lewisville.

While home repairs can be expensive, the problems that arise often cost consumers thousands more to repair. Unfortunately, there are many cases where homeowners are left with a major problem, not being able to have the financial means to complete repairs.

Fraud usually does not occur with a reputable company who has been around for years, so be sure to use a licensed business. The law requires home improvement contractors to register and follow specific procedures for a reason, and to protect homeowners. This includes adherence to state laws that guarantee consumers the level of financial protection.

Beware of certain sales tactics:

Crooked contractors usually have a few tricks up their sleeves. Do not fall into the trap of following sales tactics that prey on homeowner victims:

– “Bait and switch” – offers a low price for the installed products, such as windows and home siding, and then tell the homeowners element is underway and can only be replaced by a substitute high prices.

– To illustrate the urgency of the necessary repairs.

– Claim element is more expensive than advertised, as it must be “tailored” to match the house.

– To illustrate that consumers receive a discount because the house was selected for an improved model. In fact, consumers pay the market price or more.

– To illustrate energy savings, health benefits and add value to the house.

– Describe the funding requirements that can be regulated.

How to find the right electrical contractor in Lewisville TX:
The National Consumer Law Central have listed suggestions for home owners seeking companies of home improvement:

– Do Not hire a contractor who is not known to requests business by knocking on your door. This is a recommended by friends or main building supply stores company.

– Before accepting or hiring any contractor, get a second estimate for the same work from other contractors.

– Get references for the contractor and talk to their references. Ask about satisfaction and any problems that may arise.

– Look at the other work carried out by the same contractor.

– Many states require contractors to be licensed and / or bonded. Check with your state licensing body to see if contractors you consider are licensed.

– Get in writing, a contract that describes the job specifications, the price (including details of the terms of financing or credit), the responsibility for cleaning, and the hourly rate for any additional work. Demand guarantees and other appointments should be made in writing.

– If a written document that differs from verbal promises, did not sign them.

– A 3-day right to cancel applies to door to door sales and loans for home improvement, even after the documents have been signed.

– Do not allow the contractor to start work until the financial arrangements are settled.

– Do not agree to pay the final payment until the project is completed.

-Do Not consolidate other debts with a loan for home improvement.

– If a problem with a contractor or home improvement lender arises, get help from an attorney or a housing counselor immediately.

Think of your home as a child who needs a doctor. You will take your child to a licensed physician and a professional, not someone who comes to your door. So make sure that your home gets the proper attention by hiring a professional electrician in Lewisville tx experienced and well proven.

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